Christine Reimer, BFA, Dip.Ed. University of Victoria

February 2021 



Christine Reimer has a Bachelor of Fine Arts In Visual Arts and Diploma in Education from the University of Victoria. As a professional artist for more than 35 years her acrylic on canvas paintings have been shown in more than 40 solo exhibits. Galleries in both Canada and the USA have successfully represented her work since the 1980s.

Artist Statement

Most of my career as an artist has been focussed on interpreting landscape and nature in my paintings while sharing a love of vibrant colour and vigorous brushwork. The result is a rich, diverse body of work of which I am proud.

2014 prefaced a significant change in my work as I shifted from a Fauvist style of painting to Abstract Expressionism (a style I had always wanted to explore). Representational images have mostly disappeared, however, my use of colour and energetic brushwork remain.

Six years later, my creative work continues to be influenced by the fragile attributes of nature and its precarious relationship with humanity. Its beauty leaves me in awe, instilling in my paintings a visceral and organically-based symbolism.

…“I have always considered painting a discrete language, not of words but of perception or feeling. Paintings possess the unique qualities of the artist just as handwriting does. However, the nuances of meaning are more open to interpretation in a painting. Like music, some pieces resonate more than others with the viewer. Subtle gestures, mark-making and colour shifts may reflect the personal sensibilities of the viewer if open to this interaction. Just as a language can be acquired, so too, can the ability to perceive the mood, or subtext, of an abstract painting.”

Christine Reimer, 2017

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